Pet of the Month


Meet Ramsey. This poor little guy was found crying on a stranger's porch in Newark. He was unable to walk and looked like he was in a lot of pain. Thankfully the kind person who lived there contacted Lifeline for help. Ramsey was so happy to see a friendly face that he gladly went with the volunteer who picked him up. He was taken right to the vet where we discovered that his paws were in rough shape. The vet thinks that he was intentionally harmed by a human. His paws were either burned or acid was poured on them. But even though Ramsey had to endure all of that pain and abuse, he was still in great spirits. He was so happy to be safe and with people he could trust. If you even look in his direction, he will purr up a storm! He even purrs and begs for pets while his bandages are being changed at the vet. After everything that has happened to him, he still loves people. He truly is an amazing boy!!

Ramsey has to spend a few weeks at the vet while they take care of his paws. He needs to be hospitalized at the vet for a minimum of 2 weeks so his wounds can be cleaned and medicated daily with several bandage changes a day, and so he can be given antibiotics and pain medication. The estimate for this care is approximately $500 a week- this includes medicine and wound management. It will take Ramsey several months to recover but these first weeks are critical that he remains in the care of a doctor. 

Please consider donating to Ramsey's care so we can "get him back on his feet". No donation is too big or too small as we know all donations come straight from the heart. If you find it in your heart to donate, you can do so in one of the following ways....

1. you can donate through the petfinder site by pressing on the "sponsor me" button located by his photos.
2. By donating directly to Westfield Animal Hospital. Just make sure to tell them that it is for Ramsey under Lifeline Animal Rescue.
3. Or you can go to his gofundme page....

If you think that you would also like to adopt Ramsey after he has had the opportunity to heal, please fill out our Online Adoption Application!