Marai was found outside as a tiny kitten and brought to Lifeline Rescue. She experienced a reaction to one of her kitten vaccines and developed a fever. To help bring her fever down, she was given medication and fluids. The next day, Marai was struggling to breathe. Her heart couldn’t handle the fluids. She was rushed to Westfield Animal Hospital where the doctors rushed her into an oxygen tent and X-rays showed fluid in her lungs and and something not quite right with her heart. Marai has been on medication to pull out the fluid and is now doing well but she must have an echocardiogram done by a board certified cardiologist to determine what needs to be done to help her heart long term. If Marai can get properly diagnosed and treated by a cardiologist, her heart disease can be managed. As a rescue, we believe in doing everything possible to help our kitties but this is a huge expense. Her vet bill alone for the week of treatment at Westfield was over $700 and the cardiologist visit is estimated between $800-1050.  This kitten will be loved and cared for by her foster for as long as needed but we need help!  Marai is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.....she just purrs, purrs, and purrs constantly, even when she doesn’t feel good.....please help using gofundme or paypal                                                                    

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