LEONARDO & BELLA – Leonardo is the black and white baby boy, and Bella is the gorgeous gray girl. They have definitely adopted their mother's sweet personality. They are super friendly, outgoing, and playful. Click here for more info.

PRECIOUS Precious is the sweetest cat you will ever meet in your life. If you look in her direction, she will immediately get up and give you the sweetest meow you have ever heard. Please click here  to find info.

PHOEBE Phoebe is an amazingly sweet kitty who is affectionate as well as playful. She loves to be involved in everything you do. Please click here  to find more info.

MUNCHKINis a big boy with an equally big heart. A good samaritan found him in a feral colony and brought him to Lifeline to help find him a home. Please click here  to get to know Munchkin more!

Bentley – We promise that he is the sweetest you will ever find! gets along with everyone! he plays and cuddles a lot!! He gets along with adults, kids and other cats! Click here  for more information.  

darlings of lifeline! :)

A LITTLE ABOUT THE Lifeline Animal Rescue

Our shelter is home to more than meets the eye.

Lifeline Animal Rescue is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue homeless cats from overcrowded shelters and find appropriate homes for them. Since we do not have a shelter, our pets are kept in loving foster homes and in our Love-A-Pet Adoption Center located in Petsmart on Route 22 West in the Watchung Square Mall. Contact us to find out how you can adopt one of our adorable cats!

It's taken a lot of love, hard work and dedication over the years, but the animals make every day a joy for us! 

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